Friday, June 18, 2010

EZ13 v3.0 released!

FCS is delighted to announce the release of v3.0 of EZ13, our lease accounting software for lessees and lessors. EZ13 has always provided complete FAS-13-compliant accounting for both operating and capital leases. Some of the significant new features include:

* Notice dates: EZ13 can remind you that rents are changing, leases are expiring, or events that you've entered are coming up. You specify how many days before and after the event you want to be notified. When you've dealt with the matter, you can turn off display of that item without deleting the event.
* Multiple contingent rent types: You can now track up to 7 different types of contingent rent, each with their own account numbers for G/L entry. Two types are user-defined, so you can give them the meaning most relevant to your business.

* Purge leases: You may remove from a database leases that have terminated as of a date you specify. Optionally, these leases can be copied to another database.
* Copy leases to new database: You may copy any number of leases to a new database. This can be useful for testing changes to a lease without affecting your production database.

There are a number of other, less significant features, enhancing flexibility and usability. And of course, bug fixes.

More details about the full range of features EZ13 offers are available at

You can download a trial of EZ13 v3.0, either lessee or lessor version, at If you have any questions about how EZ13 can solve your lease accounting needs, please contact me by email or (203) 652-1375.

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