Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lease Accounting Exposure Draft released

The FASB and IASB have released the Exposure Draft of the proposed new lease accounting standard (FASB topic 840 in the new Accounting Standards Codification). The FASB has made the ED available here. The IASB has posted the ED, an accompanying Basis for Conclusions (which the FASB has bundled with the ED), a Snapshot Summary, and a Press Release.

The comment deadline is December 15, 2010. The FASB invites people to send comments by email to director@fasb.org, File Reference No. 1850-100. The IASB asks for submissions on their web page. As with the Preliminary Views document last year, the comment letters sent to both boards will be combined for the boards' review (and it is not necessary to send a comment letter both places).

I will post a review of the ED here in coming days, though there shouldn't be any real surprises; this is just a restatement of the decisions made over the last year, which have been reviewed as they happened in earlier posts on this blog. As with the Preliminary Views document, I expect to review the ED section by section.

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