Thursday, February 25, 2016

Media coverage of new lease accounting standard

Several articles have been released discussing the FASB's new lease accounting standard:

New York Times: Post-Enron Accounting Rule Requires Companies to Report Leases

Wall Street Journal: New Rule to Shift Leases Onto Corporate Balance Sheets
Wall Street Journal (CFO blog): A Silver Lining to New Lease Accounting Rules: Savings

Accounting Today: FASB Releases Lease Accounting Standard

CFO: New FASB Lease Standard Could Inflate Balance Sheets
(CFO had a prior article on the complications facing companies that have to report under both US GAAP and IFRS: New Lease Standards May Demand Two Sets of Books)

Journal of Accountancy: New FASB leases standard brings transparency to lessee balance sheets

AccountingWeb: The Wait is Over: FASB Issues New Guidance on Lease Accounting

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